About us

Opinion Hub launched in 2017 from the demand to evolve and drive quality recruitment methods to ensure genuine, reliable insights. With 11 years as owner at viewing facilities and recruitment business Summit Studios, we launched Opinion Hub to streamline quantitative and qualitative recruitment and data collection services.

We work with direct clients as well as agencies including Hasbro, Skopos, Bosch, Unilever and isi.  We really value the opportunity to work with clients that focus on quality as much as we do.

Our headquarters, that we own in West London, are purpose built for market research, comfortable, flexible and welcoming. Our team is passionate about people and insights, highly skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. Each member has an important role this means we can pass on our savings offering a cost effective services without comprising on quality.

We have a trusted network of venues, recruiters and researchers across the UK that we call upon for high volume or national studies which allows for quick turn around when needed.

We follow strict quality controls as well as guidelines set out by GDPR, The Market Research Society and ICO.

We have adapted quickly and well during these recent challenging times and we hope you can join us. Come and meet the Team!

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Are you looking for respondents only, data collection or need start to finish research services? We are experts focused on quality without increasing costs. Contact Danielle today via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you